Shiny jacket for the Louis Tregardt Memorial Garden

The mosaic depiction at the Louis Tregardt Memorial Garden in Mozambique now shines again as in the old days after a team from the Voortrekker Monument and the Heritage Foundation went to do renovation work there. The memorial garden with the mosaic statue depicting the Voortrekker leader Tregardt (also spelled Trichardt)’s trek, was officially opened in 1968 [Lees meer...]

Heritage Foundation proudly boasts special donations

The Heritage Foundation is now the proud custodian of photo frames that are more than 120 years old. Marietjie (75) and Dawie (82) Mostert made two very special donations to the Heritage Foundation. Two beautiful photo frames that were carved with a paring knife in the prisoner of war camp in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) were donated [Lees meer...]

1942 – Afrikaners and the Second World War

Even today, the mere mention of the name Ossewabrandwag (OB) provokes differing opinions. There are quite a few misperceptions about the movement that usually stem from ignorance or prejudice. The OB was compared to the European fascist movements of the 1930s and 1940s and accused of Nazism. It has also been described as an underground terrorist movement. [Lees meer...]

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