Ossewabrandwag exhibition now on display in Orania

The Ossewabrandwag exhibition, which was on display in the Heritage Foundation at the Voortrekker Monument, is now on display in Orania’s Cultural History Museum. Jan van Zyl from the Orania town council expresses his gratitude to the Heritage Foundation and is very excited about the exhibition. “This exhibition also connects with our environment because there were internment camps [Lees meer...]

The Heritage Foundation is even richer

The Movement for Christian-National Education (Beweging vir Christelike Volkseie Onderwys (BCVO)) has handed over an incredible treasure to the Heritage Foundation (ES) so that it can be viewed by the public. A 1933 translation of the Bible, signed by the translators of the Bible into Afrikaans, can now be seen at the Voortrekker Monument in the Heritage Foundation [Lees meer...]

Shiny jacket for the Louis Tregardt Memorial Garden

The mosaic depiction at the Louis Tregardt Memorial Garden in Mozambique now shines again as in the old days after a team from the Voortrekker Monument and the Heritage Foundation went to do renovation work there. The memorial garden with the mosaic statue depicting the Voortrekker leader Tregardt (also spelled Trichardt)’s trek, was officially opened in 1968 [Lees meer...]

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