The mosaic depiction at the Louis Tregardt Memorial Garden in Mozambique now shines again as in the old days after a team from the Voortrekker Monument and the Heritage Foundation went to do renovation work there.

The memorial garden with the mosaic statue depicting the Voortrekker leader Tregardt (also spelled Trichardt)’s trek, was officially opened in 1968 by former Minister Jan de Klerk.

Several of the mosaic tiles have broken and peeled off over the years.

Most of the tiles had disappeared and the refurbishment team stepped in so that no further decay could take place.

AfriForum TV’s program Byt en Buskruit, with the presenter and well-known artist Adam Tas, also recorded the renovation work as part of one of their episodes.

Adam and artist Ruhan du Toit, who was also part of the episode, praised the work done.

“So few people know that a monument has been erected in one of our neighbouring countries for the Voortrekkers. It shows you the perseverance that people like Louis Tregardt had.

“It is incredible to see that organisations such as the Heritage Foundation look after the remote sites. You have done an incredible job of renovating the monument,” says Adam Tas.

Chris de Jager, a local businessman in Mozambique, also reaffirmed that they will selflessly maintain the gardens, provide security at the memorial garden and do general maintenance.

Jaco Cilliers, head of heritage conservation at the Heritage Foundation, expressed his gratitude to De Jager and the work being done to look after the memorial garden.

“If it were not for the help of people like Chris, it would not have been possible to maintain the memorial garden so well, and for that we cannot say enough thanks.

“This monument is an important part of our history. This not only indicates the route of Tregardt but also serves as proof that the Voortrekkers maintained positive relations outside the borders of South Africa.

“It was an incredible privilege and a personal highlight to be able to participate in the restoration of the monument,” says Cilliers.

The Heritage Foundation is responsible for the preservation of sites such as the Tregardt Memorial Garden, Blood River Heritage Site and several concentration camp cemeteries.


Phillip Dreyer sealing the tiles.

Jaco Cilliers and Phillip Dreyer are working hard to renovate the mosaic depiction at the Louis Tregardt Memorial Garden.