The Heritage Centre
The Heritage Centre is located on the site of the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria.
Die Afrikaanse Winkel
Die Afrikaanse Winkel is located in the Heritage Centre. Click here for the online shop.
Research Library
The library also contains the Genealogical Society of South Africa's book collection.
The archive is located in the Heritage Centre. This archival photo was taken of the voortrekker camp outside the Voortrekker Monument during the laying of its cornerstone on 16 Dec '38.
Heritage Resource Management
The relocation of a movable heritage resource, "Taimed Freedom", in danger.
Sites under Management
The Kerkenberg Retief Rock, KZN
Sites under Management
Bloukrans Heritage Site, KZN
Sites under Management
Danie Theron Memorial, Gauteng
Sites under Management
O'Neill's Cottage, KZN
Sites under Management
The Barefooted Woman Statue, KZN
Sites under Management
Doornbult Concentration Camp Cemetery, Northern Cape

Neglected today… gone tomorrow


The Heritage Foundation (HF) was founded in 2002 as a non-profit company and is a recognised player within the South African cultural heritage industry. The HF’s vision is to raise public awareness of threatened heritage through the retention, conservation and sustainable use of heritage resources.

Many movable, immovable and intangible South African heritage resources are being threatened despite legal protection. Heritage resources at risk include historical buildings and structures, monuments and heritage sites, cultural practices, artworks, archives, cemeteries and graves. Threats range from natural decay, accidental damage and vandalism to lack of funding and capacity as a result of shifting political ideologies and government priorities.

For certain groups, like minorities and other marginalised groups, heritage resources represent tangible expressions of their identity. When threats manifest, especially due to vandalism or bureaucratic indifference, some communities consider this as a direct affront on their culture and identity.

To achieve the HF’s vision, we have developed five programmes aimed at raising funds to protect heritage at risk. These funds enable us to provide the necessary infrastructure, expertise and services to manage threatened movable and immovable heritage, to conduct heritage research and to promote the significance of heritage resources.

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