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The personnel of the Heritage Foundation (HF) and the Voortrekker Monument (VTM), who are also members of the South African Society for Cultural History, attended this organization’s annual conference in the beginning of October. It was hosted by the Afrikaans Language Museum as part of the 90th celebration of the Afrikaans language.


Doornbult Concentration Camp Site, Hopetown

Doornbult besoekersentrum word ingerig  2013

Museum at the Doornbult Concentration Camp Site, Hopetown

The opportunity was utilized to visit the Doornbult Concentration Camp Cemetery at Hopetown where we met up with a film crew and we assisted Rina Wiid with the cleaning of the museum. We would like to thank the Wiid couple for the amazing work they do at the site, to conserve our heritage whilst under pressure and amidst difficult circumstances. We would also like to motivate our Friends to visit the site. With more than 15 years’ of research on the site, Rina, who acts as guide, offers an unforgettable experience.

ES   VTM personeel by me Dale Dodgen  direkteur van die Chavonnes Battery museum  Dale

Chavonnes Battery Museum

VOC Trade network

Chavonnes Battery Museum

In the Cape, the Chavonnes Battery Museum located in the V&A Waterfront was visited with the purpose of investigating the possibility of cooperating with this institution. This museum is actually a DEIC archaeological heritage site that was ‘discovered’ during the development of the Waterfront in the 1990s. It is located near the old clock tower in the Waterfront and is an amazingly interesting place that dates from the first half of the 1700s.


Springbok Museum


Springbok Museum

2015.10 Franschoek Motormuseum Etta   die kurator  Wayne Harley

Johan Rupert’s Motor Museum

Of course it was impossible that we would MISS the opportunity of visiting the Springbok Museum. The exhibitions are modern and large screens and interactive experiences provide much entertainment. This museum was established approximately three years ago by the SA Rugby Union. Obviously there was no shortage of funds!

Johan Rupert’s Motor Museum in Franschhoek is surely one of the cleanest and neatest museums in the country.

Bitter swaar Swartberge

The terribly difficult Swartberg Mountains

Kokkedoorstoor verlate

Kokkedoor store

On our way back we visited Prins Albert and OF COURSE we needed to outspan for a bit at the foot of the Swartberg mountains! The Kokkedoor store, now quite abandoned, was sought out and the local Fransie Pienaar Museum was visited. Lastly we visited Bethulie Concentration Camp Cemetery, which was, as usual, very well cared for. We’d like to thank Trudie Venter again for her selfless dedication to this site.

Fransie Pienaar Museum  Prins Albert

Fransie Pienaar Museum

Bethulie KK monument

Bethulie Concentration Camp Monument

The Cape visit was very informative and helped to charge our batteries – something that is sorely needed this time of the year. We would like to thank our MD, Sonja Lombard, who approved the funds for this expedition!

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