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A warm welcome to our new colleague, Johan Nel! Johan has just been appointed as our new Manager: Heritage Conservation Services.

Johan Nel offers strategic guidance and direction for the Heritage Conservation department. He liaises with authorities and communities, and deals with logistical and financial management and all legal aspects on behalf of the Heritage Foundation. Johan also coordinates all conservation management projects and community awareness programmes. 

Johan holds an Honours degree in Archaeology from the University of Pretoria and is a professional member of the ASAPA, as well as accredited by the association’s CRM section. He is also a member of the ICOMOS.

Johan has more than 17 years’ experience in undertaking various HRM projects. Since 2010, whilst employed by a leading environmental consulting company, Johan gained diverse international HRM experiencein various African countries including Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone and South Africa.  This experience included archaeological surveys, excavations, community consultation and grave relocations completed to IFC and other international standards. He has also acted as an expert reviewer of HRM projects undertaken in, amongst other countries, Malawi and Tanzania.

During this time, Johan has also developed a HRM process founded on international and South African standards that has informed the SAHRA Minimum Standards for Heritage Impact Assessments.

Johan joined the Heritage Foundation in November 2016 as Manager: Conservation Services.

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