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HF receives valuable resources about Schoemansdal and Thulamela

Sidney Mears Miller recently wrote two very unique books about the history of Schoemansdal and Thulamela. He donated the original research for his books, A Frontier Town: Schoemansdal or Zoutpansbergdorp the forgotten Boer town 1848 – 1867 and Thulamela: The lost gold of the Vha Venda to the HF archive.

His research about Schoemansdal mainly deals with life in town between 1848 and 1867, which served as a base for one of the largest game hunts of the 19th century in Africa. It also contains information about the Voortrekkers’ entrance into the Transvaal, issues of land occupation, internal struggles of the Pioneers, settlement on farms and in towns, as well as the establishment and demise of Schoemansdal/Zoutpansbergdorp. Information about the Schoemansdal Museum Project (1984 – 2007) and the support provided by the Heritage Foundation in 2016, is also available.

The author became involved with the Schoemansdal Museum Project in December 1984 through the South African Military Services’s involvement with the project. This project was undertaken by the then Transvaal Library and Museum Services, who drafted a number of archaeologists, including Mr. Mears Miller, to assist with professional expertise. He was involved in the project for 9 years.

He left the project in 1993 to work on the Thulamela site in the Kruger National Park. Research about this Iron Age site was undertaken by the Department of Archaeology from the University of Pretoria and the National Cultural History Museum between 1974 and 1992. After three small golden beads were recovered during a test excavation on site in July 1992, as well as a pottery sherd with evidence of gold smelting, a more intensive research was conducted between July 1993 and June 1996. The site revealed many more interesting discoveries and informs on the lifeways of black South Africans from 1200 to 1650.

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