The Research Trust


What does the Research Trust entail?

The goal of the Research Trust is to initiate, conduct, fund and coordinate research regarding any Afrikaner or Afrikaans related events in the broader South African context, in cooperation with other interested institutions and without monetary gain, in order to ensure that funds are collected, optimally channelled and utilized for this purpose. Click here for a list of completed research outputs.


Who manages the Research Trust?

The Heritage Foundation (HF) established the Research Trust and has to approve any amendments to the Trust Deed before it comes into effect. The names of the Trustees are available upon request. The Managing Director of the HF manages the Research Trust. The Research Trust is controlled by an independent Board of Trustees who have allocated funds to the sum of R984 500 towards research grants since 2006.


How can I contribute?

You, or your organization whom you represent, can become one of the 101 founding members of the Research Trust by making a cash contribution of at least R20 000 to the Trust. Persons who cannot contribute the R20 000 sum all at once, can, in exceptional cases, pay the amount over a limited period to still qualify as a founding member.
Various persons and institutions have already become founding members and an amount of more than R3 million has already been collected as initial capital. The list of founding members is available on request.
Alternatively, a smaller amount can be donated, in which case the donator will not be regarded as a founding member.


Use the Research Trust to improve your tax situation

Did you know that the Research Trust is an Public Welfare Organization? Your donation qualifies for an 18A Tax Certificate. This can result in a tax benefit for you. 

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Make a donation;
  2. Send us your details;
  3. Give your receipt to the person who does your tax return.

Your donation will help us to publish cultural history through research and conserve it for future generations through conservation efforts.

Donations can be made to:

Bank:                                   ABSA

Account name:                   Navorsingstrust

Account number:               9145182148

Reference:                         <Initials> <Surname> or <Company name>

For enquiries contact Alta Botha at 012-325-7885 or


What will the founding members receive in return for their support?

All trustees must rotate over a three year cycle and therefore, there will be a yearly opportunity during the Annual General Meeting for new founding members to be elected to the Board of Trustees.
The names of the founding members will be showcased in a prominent manner on a memorial plaque in the Heritage Centre on the VTM Heritage Site.
By joining, it offers an opportunity for families to show recognition to prominent family members’ contributions or to the family name in whole, on a permanent basis.
Organizations, businesses, families and other trusts can be assured that their contributions towards heritage conservation will be remembered in the long run.


Additional benefits

All persons who are not yet members of the HF and who contribute more than R2000.00 towards the Research Trust, will receive free Category C membership of the HF, subject to the payment of the annual fees from the following year. More information about the HF membership is available upon request.


Specific ventures

The full amount received from founding members will be utilized for research and related purposes, as provided by the memorandum of incorporation.
Trustees will not receive a salary or any allowances and will only be compensated for essential, inevitable expenditures (if any) at pre-agreed tariffs.
The administrative costs of the Research Trust are kept to a minimum in that the management and administration is absorbed by the management of the HF.
The Research Trust has no allocated, permanent personnel in service and is located in the Heritage Centre. The Research Trust is not liable for any accommodation and related costs.


Where can I make my contribution?

The amount of R20 000, or a smaller amount, can be paid into the Research Trust’s account:
Bank:                           ABSA Brooklyn
Branch code:              34-345
Account number:       914 518 2148
Reference: Donation for the Research Trust

Send the proof of payment to


Grant applications

Funds for advanced study about Afrikaner and Afrikaner related topics are available annually. Applications of the following nature will not be considered, namely fiction, family history (except genealogy as a science), university registration fees, congress attendance, and capital projects.

The predominant factor is that the research should adhere to strict academic standards. The research results do not have to be in Afrikaans, but the application should be completed in Afrikaans on the prescribed form. The necessary forms can be obtained by contacting the Senior Manager: Research and Information Services at or 012 325 7885.

Closing date for applications: 31 March