Membership Application


Any person who supports the aims of the HF and who is able to make the applicable contribution may become a member of the HF.

STEP 1: Choose category

  • Categories A1 and A2 are only applicable to cultural or culturally related organisations.
    Category B is applicable to organisations, institutions, trusts or legal persons.
    Category C is applicable to individuals, organisations, institutions, trusts or legal persons.

  • I hereby apply for membership in the following category of the ES:

    Category of membership: Membership fee (Once off): Annual fees( Year 2):
    A1 R150 000 (VAT excluded) R8 029.35 (+VAT) p.a.
    A2 R30 000 (VAT excluded) R8 029.35 (+VAT) p.a.
    B R15 000 (VAT excluded) R4 014.68 (+VAT) p.a.
    C None R600 (+VAT) p.a.*
  • *The annual fee is applicable with application of Category C membership.

Step 2: Details of application

  • Details of applicant (complete where applicable):

STEP 3: Send application and pay application fee

  • The application is subject to acceptance by the board of directors of the Company, in accordance with the requirements as set out in the memorandum of association and articles of the Company.

    The minimum subscription fee payable must be deposited into the ES current account of "Die Erfenisstigting" at ABSA Brooklyn, branch code 632005, and account number 405 620 9535. Reference: ES aansluit en organisasie/van. The proof of payment must be sent via email to

  • Application fees are not applicable to persons who contribute R2000+ towards the Research Trust, paid-up members of the Voortrekker Monument Section 21 Company and Lifelong Friends of the Voortrekker Monument.




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