Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I need to pay a separate tariff to enter the Voortrekker Monument and Fort Schanskop when I purchase a ticket for the Heritage Centre?

The entrance ticket to the Heritage Centre also allows for access to the Voortrekker Monument and Fort Schanskop.


 2. Is the library open over weekends?

The research library is only open every second Saturday of the month between 10:00 and 14:00.



3. Do I need to notify the Heritage Foundation of every neglected or vandalised monument or grave in my vicinity?

 The Heritage Foundation is very interested to take cognisance of such monuments or graves, as we are currently compiling a database. We can’t, however, follow up on each query as we are a non profit private company that does not have the required financial and human resources at its disposal. The South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) is a governmental department which conserves all heritage resources in the country, and it would be more appropriate to bring such matters to their attention.


 4. How can I become involved in the Heritage Foundation’s projects?

Volunteers can contribute by helping, for example, to cut the grass or clean one of our sites. We would also require someone’s help to keep an eye on a site from time to time and report any activity or to provide us with information. You can also contribute by providing us with a once off donation, or by attending our functions. To make contributions on a regular basis, to the Heritage Foundation, you can become a member of the Heritage Foundation.


5. Will the Heritage Foundation be able to provide quotations for private conservation projects?

 Yes, gladly, especially if it involves restoration of historical structures of cultural significance.


 6. Who can approach the HF for assistance?

 Individuals affected by land claims


Regional and city planners

The mining sector


Film Industry

Archaeological Companies





 7. What is the HF able to do for you?

 Historical and cultural historical research, as well as archival research for a variety of purposes.

Translation and editing of documents, manuscripts, etc.

Media migration – convert your LP vinyl record, tapes and videos to CDs en DVDs.

Planning of and furnishing of museum exhibitions, and restoration of museum items.

Heritage Impact Assessments for developers.

Restoration of historical buildings and other structures.