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Schoemansdal collection

Sidney Miller donated his archive collection of 20 years’ work and research about the Voortrekker town Schoemansdal to the HF archive. He was involved with the archaeological excavation and documentation at the site. It is a valuable collection that can be utilised by academics, researchers and interested persons. Thank you Sidney!

Sidney Miller versameling

Johan de Ridder electronic architectural collection

Tienie de Ridder donated his father, Johan de Ridder’s, electronic architectural collection for conservation.
Johan de Ridder designed most of the Dutch Reformed churches, as well as houses, church halls, retirement homes, youth centres, apartment and office buildings, schools, and restoration projects.
He was the son of Cecilia de Ridder, known for organising massive Afrikaner Folk Dance performances, and the newphew of Willem Punt, the founder of the Simon van der Stel Foundation.
De Ridder greatly valued the conservation of South Africa’s architectural heritage. He was responsible for the restoration of Pres. Paul Kruger’s farm outside Rustenburg; the Pres. M.W. Pretorius house and the house of the poet Totius in Potchefstroom (1977); as well as restoration of the Union Buildings in collaboration with T.W. Baker ( 1982 -1986); and the Louis Trichardt Memorial Garden in Maputo, Mozambique (1956 -1968).
The collection includes scanned documents of his work and hard copies will be obtained in future.

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