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Marthinus Oosthuyse's grave, Winterton

Marthinus Oosthuyse’s grave, Winterton

Aletta's casket carried by two decendants

Aletta’s casket carried by two descendants

Marthinus and Aletta's new resting place, Patryshoek

Marthinus and Aletta’s new resting place, Patryshoek

Marthinus Oosthuyse and the big love of his life, Aletta, has been reburied this past Thursday, 19 February. The Heritage Foundation has been involved with this project since 2003 due to the severely neglected and vandalized state of Marthinus Oosthuyse’s grave at Winterton. After a long struggle to acquire all of the necessary permits, which has been received last Monday, the remains of Marthinus and his wive Aletta, who was buried on another farm, were excavated.

They have been reburied on Thursday, 19 February, next to the family cemetery on the farm, Patryshoek, near to Warden, that is still owned by the Oosthuyses. At last a suitable ending for their beautiful love story. The reburial was attended by three different branches of the couple’s descendants.

Oosthuyse was a child hero during the Great Trek. In February 1838, during the Zulu attacks on Bloukrans and Weenen, the sixteen year-old boy was busy bringing horses back from the veld in the vicinity of the Van Rensburg laager. Zulus attacked the laager and Mathinus Oosthuyse went to help defend the Van Rensburgs. The Van Rensburgs ran out of ammunition and found themselves defenseless, trapped against a small hill. Riding his horse, Swartjie, Oosthuyse galloped through hundreds of Zulu warriors to take gunpowder to the Van Rensburgs. The entire Van Rensburg family was saved from certain death by the heroic actions of Marthinus Oosthuyse.

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