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We received several interesting donations in June:

Historical maps of Southern African Lowveld and East Coast transport and wagon routes (Donor: Mr Johan Botha)
Posters and unique maps of Great Trek routes and slave locations in the Cape Colony (Donor: Ms Carmen Welz)
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings of the laying of the corner stone and inauguration of the Voortrekker Monument, made by Ms Suzanne Minnaar (Donor: Ms Marita Pietersen, daughter)
Unique Voortrekker Monument Donation

Mr Jan Tollig donated the original 1938 Voortrekker Monument and amphitheatre quantity lists – used in the tender process – to the HF archive. According to Mr Tollig, these lists are, as far as can be ascertained, the first ever quantity lists written in Afrikaans. The use of these Afrikaans lists apparently caused some consternation in the building industry since only English terms were used in those days!

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