A HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA: From the Distant Past to the Present Day

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Editor: Fransjohan Pretorius

Authors: Andrie Meyer, Johan de Villiers, Robert Shell, Jan Visagie, Jackie Grobler, Wessel Visser, Grietjie Verhoef, Hermann Giliomee, Fransjohan Pretorius, David M. Sher, Kobus du Pisani, Japie Brits, Jan-Jan Joubert, Cornelius Thomas, Goolam Vahed, John Lambert, J.W. (Hoffie) Hofmeyr, J.A. (Joan) Millard, and Elize S. van Eeden.

Publisher: Protea Bo0k House

Published: 2014

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-86919-908-1

Who were the first people of South Africa? And who came after them? How did the interaction among Afrikaners, English-speaking South Africans, the British government and black people help form the country? Where do we stand as a nation today?

Some prominent historians try to answer these questions. Led by the well-known Professor Fransjohan Pretorius, they reflect on the origin of planet Earth and look at some pivotal moments in our South African history. Chapters cover, among others, the Dutch era at the Cape, the mineral revolution, the Anglo-Boer War, Afrikaner nationalism, the apartheid government, the black resistance movement and a South Africa after 1994.


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