Our People




Cecilia Kruger, Acting Managing Director

Cecilia Kruger, Managing Director


Cecilia Kruger offers strategic guidance and direction, liaises with authorities, and deals with financial management and all legal aspects, as well as coordinates all conservation management projects and liaises between the respective departments.


Estelle Pretorius, Senior Manager: Research and Information Services

Estelle Pretorius, Senior Manager: Research and Information Services


Estelle Pretorius is in charge of Professional Services and the ‘Afrikaanse Winkel’. She manages all internal and external research projects, deals with inquiries and undertakes Afrikaans editing and translation. She is also the Secretary of the Research Trust, which allocates annual research grants.



Johan Nel, Manager: Heritage Services


Johan Nel offers strategic guidance and direction for the Heritage Conservation department. He liaises with authorities and communities, and deals with logistical and financial management and all legal aspects on behalf of the HF. Johan also coordinates all conservation management projects and community awareness programmes. Johan holds an Honours degree in Archaeology from the University of Pretoria and is a professional member of the ASAPA, as well as accredited by the association’s CRM section. He is also a member of the ICOMOS.


The Team


Riana Mulder, Conservation Official

Riana Mulder, Manager: Collections Management and HCA


Riana Mulder deals with inquiries about the HF’s own heritage sites and other conservation projects in which the company is involved, as well as enquiries about museum related projects and collections, including the Ossewabrandwag Collection. She is involved with business and commercial projects, the Heritage Conservation Awareness Project (HCA) and serves on the council of the South African Museum Association (SAMA).


Eben Meets, Structural Conservation Specialist

Eben Meets, Structural Conservation Specialist


Eben is responsible for the repair of the weathering on the ox-wagon laager wall around the Voortrekker Monument (VTM), as well as the maintenance and waterproofing of all structures and buildings on the VTM site. He offers support to the Project Manager in the development of the planned Educational Centre on the VTM site. He is also involved with the care and repair of the heritage sites under the HF’s management.


Dr. Annie Antonites, Senior Researcher


Dr. Annie Antonites deals with the HF’s research service regarding publications, enquiries, specialist archaeozoological analysis and contract research services. She serves on the Council of the Association of Southern African Professional Archaeologists (ASAPA).


Zabeth Botha, Argivaris

Zabeth Botha, Senior Archivist


Zabeth Botha is responsible for record management and the management of the HF’s range of archival collections. She is also responsible for assessing, collecting, organizing, preserving, maintaining control and providing access to records to the personnel of the HF and the Voortrekkermonument, as well as to the general public for research purposes.


Petra Luus, Researcher

Petra Luus, Archivist


Petra Luus is involved with the retrieval of archival material and documenting the photographic collection as well as research on general enquiries and research projects. 

Anna Mpe, Archive Assistant

Anna Mpe, Archive Assistant


Anna Mpe supports the archivist with the management of the archive by dealing with administrative tasks and enquiries, as well as by conducting the media migration of audiovisual material.


Malene Schulze, Librarian

Malene Schulze, Senior Librarian


Malene Schulze is responsible for the management and expansion of the HF’s library. She also deals with inquiries from library users and offers assistance to researchers with information searches.


Sophie Kruger, Librarian


Sophie Kruger develops all library material on the database according to recognised library standards, and also deals with enquiries from library users.


Meisie Malindi, Library Assistant

Meisie Malindi, Library Assistant


Meisie Malindi is responsible for the shelving of books and the tidiness of the library and reading room. She also keeps record of the magazine collection and donations to the library.


Hannetjie Gerber, 'Die Afrikaanse Winkel'

Hannetjie Gerber, ‘Die Afrikaanse Winkel’


Hannetjie Gerber welcomes all guests to the Heritage Centre’s Afrikanerbakens Exhibition, art gallery and also serves as cashier at the Afrikaanse Winkel. All orders can be placed with her.


Alta Botha, Financial Officer

Alta Botha, Financial Officer


Alta Botha manages the financial affairs of the HF.


Lizette Jansen, Liaison and Marketing

Lizette Jansen, Senior Marketing Manager


Lizette Jansen manages the social media profiles and website of the HF, and is involved with the marketing actions and development of marketing material for the company.


Johanna Letsholo, Cleaner

Johanna Letsholo, Cleaner

Johanna Letsholo is responsible for the cleaning of the Heritage Centre and ensures that the Afrikaanse Winkel, Afrikanerbakens Exhibition, Research Library and Archive are as neat as a pin.



Anthroplogy South Africa (ASnA)

Association of Southern African Indexers and Bibliographers (ASAIB)

Association of Southern African Professional Archaeologists (ASAPA)

International Association of Impact Assessors – South Africa (IAIAsa)

International Council for Arcahaeozoology (ICAZ)

International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) 

International Council of Museums (ICOM)

Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA)

Society of Africanist Archaeologists (SafA)

South african Museum Association (SAMA)

South African Society of Archivists (SASA)

South African Society for Cultural History (SASCH)



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