The Heritage Foundation’s archive has been operating since 2002 and is located in the Heritage Centre. As a significant international research facility, our archive offers valuable information on any facet of South African history and culture to all researchers.

Our archive contains unique document collections, photographs, architectural plans, maps, and audio-visual material.

The themes of the collection include the Great Trek, Anglo-Boer War and the history of the Voortrekker Monument. Further material include collections from Afrikaans cultural organisations like the Afrikaner Broeder Bond, and personal collections which contribute to the cultural and historical aspects of the Afrikaans speaking society in South Africa. Archival material of the Heritage Foundation and the Voortrekker Monument is accessible to researchers.

Our goal is to offer a service to the broader community and to convert the archive into a popular centre which is accessible to all researchers.

The archive is open for research during weekdays between 08:00 and 16:00. An entrance fee and tariffs for various services are charged.

Voortrekker Monument Archive Project

Petra Luus (HF Archivist) is in the process of organising the Voortrekker Monument (VTM) archival collection. Sorting started with the Central Monuments Council (1931 – 1968). Sections already completed include: establishment of the Council, general meetings,...

New Donation to the Archive!

We received several donations in February, including unique photographs taken at Kerkenberg during a Day of the Vow celebration in the 1980s, as well as the arrival of the Johanna van der Merwe wagon during the 1938 Great Trek Centenary in Northcliff, Johannesburg. We...

News from the Archive: “The Wonder of Afrikaans”

 HF Archive received a special donation from Mrs Engela Nel in November – a copy of “Die Wonder van Afrikaans” (The Wonder of Afrikaans) soundtrack on magnetic tape. This play was performed at the Voortrekker Monument on 30 May 1959 as part of the F.A.K. and South...

Donations received for the Archive in June 2017!

We received several interesting donations in June: ▪ Historical maps of Southern African Lowveld and East Coast transport and wagon routes (Donor: Mr Johan Botha) ▪ Posters and unique maps of Great Trek routes and slave locations in the Cape Colony (Donor: Ms Carmen...

Dutch Reformed Church (NHK) Archive moves to the HF

[Shortened and translated from: blitspos@nhk 10(18), 15 June 2017] A new future for our Archive The Archive and Library Committee noted with gratitude and appreciation the General Church Assembly Commission’s decision to move the Church’s archive to the Heritage...

Donations to the Archive

Schoemansdal collection Sidney Miller donated his archive collection of 20 years' work and research about the Voortrekker town Schoemansdal to the HF archive. He was involved with the archaeological excavation and documentation at the site. It is a valuable collection...